How to post a job on HASTAC

Anyone can post an opportunity on HASTAC. Our process for posting such information on site is 100% user-driven. So, if you'd like to post the content of your job opening (or CFP, grant opportunity, event, fellowship, or anything else relevant to our community) feel free -- It's very simple to do; please see the instructions below.
If you would like to participate in a community of scholars and activists interested in how digital media is transforming the way people learn, simply create an account, await user moderation, then confirm your e-mail address via the link sent to your email address. Then you will be able to post or reply to content on the site.

Users registrations are manually moderated during business hours so there can be a delay before your email verification link arrives. If you're in a rush, please email ( once you've applied and we'll review your account as quickly as possible.

Once you're approved simply log in, hit the Post Content button displayed prominently on site, and select the "Opportunity or Event" posting option and then choose CFP, Jobs & Fellowships, etc. Enter the details, hit publish, and you should be all set! (For any future posts you may choose whichever content type is most relevant to your particular posts — the process is the same for all posting types). You may want to read this post on HASTAC about saving drafts as well:
If you have any trouble or are otherwise unable to do this, please feel free to ask for further help.

Thanks for your interest in HASTAC!

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