Search, filter, and browse

The HASTAC site is designed to facilitate both the finding of specific content as well as to encourage the organic exploration and surfacing of additional content that might be of interest to users based on their interests.


Use the search box in the site's header to look for any specific content anywhere on the site.  On the search results page you can also filter and sort your results for further specificity—by user, by content type, by topics or tags—using the sort menu and content filters available in the left sidebar.

Using the "Find" filters to search and browse specific content types

On the various sections of the site, you can also filter, search, and browse for content within that section using the “Find” box that appears in the right hand sidebar to discover context specific content that might be of interest.

Find Groups
On the Groups landing page, find groups of interest by filtering them by name or topics or tags

Find Content
On the Topics landing page, you can filter all content on the site by a variety of criteria. Use keywords, topics and subtopics, and content type filters to discover and browse content tailored to your interest.

Find Scholars
On the Scholars landing page, use this filter to search the HASTAC Scholars directory. Here you can search the Scholars directory by name, discover Scholars by cohort year, or filter the directory by tags and topics to find Scholars that are interested in similar themes.

Find Blogs
On the Blogs landing page, search and filter site-wide blog content by author, by tags or topics, or by keyword search.

Find Opportunities
On the Opportunities landing page, find the opportunities that are of the most interest to you by filtering them by date, type (jobs and fellowships, calls for papers, or grants and funding), or topic, or by searching by tags and keywords.

Find News
On the News landing page, discover the news that is of relevance to you by filtering by title, tags, and topics.

Find Events
On the Events landing page, find events of interst by searching for title, filtering for topics and tags. Also note the multicolored filter buttons that can be used to display different event types on the interactive event calendar.                    

Find Winning Projects
On the Competitions landing page, find Digital Media and Learning Competition winning projects that are of interest to you. Filter winning projects by topics and tags, or search for them by name or award year/group.


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