How can I delete my HASTAC account?

If you are simply looking to receive less email, and would like to stop receiving our monthly newsletter, click Edit on your profile page, then uncheck the relevant Newsletter subscription(s) and save your changes.

If you want to stop participating in the HASTAC Community and/or discontinue your membership in HASTAC:
  • Log in to the site at
  • From your Profile page, click "Edit" and then click the "Cancel Account" button at the bottom of the resulting page.
  • This action suspends and blocks your account from activity on site.
  • All content is, however, retained under your name/authorship, as part of HASTAC's commitment to preserving an archive of user and staff generated content for the community.
  • This account status change is reversible, should you ever want to rejoin the community.
If you actually want to completely cancel your HASTAC membership and the related account entirely (delete the account details and anonymize all its published content), please send your request to or use the form at We will respond asking you to confirm by replying from the address associated with your account.*

* In fairness to other members of the community with whom you may have participated in discussion, any posts or comments associated with your account will still remain on the site, but will thenceforth be authored by an anonymized account controlled by HASTAC staff.

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