Should my post be a blog, group, event, opportunity, or...?

On the HASTAC site, we have several different types of posts, and each is displayed in different ways. Most posts will end up being blogs based on the wide topical and stylistic latitude that this format allows authors.* If you're unsure of how to classify your post, please see below for some ideas and hints.

  • If your item can be attended in a specific physical or online space at a specific time, please post an OPPORTUNITY or EVENT and select "EVENT."
  • If your item is a volunteer position, paid job, grant funding, or call for papers, please post an OPPORTUNITY or EVENT and select "OPPORTUNITY."
  • If the announcement is more personal or informal in nature, post a BLOG entry.
  • Users may also create Groups and Wikis as tools to explore community collaboration on HASTAC.

Still not sure? Visit the different sections of the site in which your post might appear:

*Note that in most cases Events and Opportunities posted as Blogs will be reclassified to enable the site to properly search and best serve content to the majority of users.
 Please make note at the end of your post or contact HASTAC to request reconsideration if you feel this will be unnecessary.

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